Email List Cleaning


Email List Cleaning


Data Cleansing

Many times you have documents or files that just are not up to snuff when it comes to quality. You need to clean it up before it is use-able. This can be a daunting task, taking many hours of excruciating work. Surely, there is no one lining up at your office hoping to get this job. Workday Data wants to be first in line to clean up your data. We are experts in data cleansing and can present your cleansed data to you on time, every time. You can rely on our data processing services to provide safe and secure forms processing.

Why use Workday Data?

Data Cleansing –

  • Spelling: Spell checkers can’t do it all. Names, technical jargon, abbreviations etc. Workday Data can proof your documents and make the needed corrections. We also handle address data cleansing, data cleanup and database cleanup.
  • Standardization: You may have multiple sources of data files with fields in different order or labeled differently. Workday Data can put everything in it’s proper place and consolidate all your files.
  • Normalization: Workday Data can take your flat file and create a relational database structure.
  • Data Validation: Workday Data can design programs according to your requirements to validate your data. Using automated processes such as a data dictionary or a application using validation logic, we can make sure you have clean and useful information. We also provide data verification services.
  • De-Duplication: Workday Data can delete or merge your redundant information making your files smaller and more accurate.
  • Detecting & Removing Errors and Inconsistencies: We can search your information as per your requirements to seek out problems within your data.
  • Data Analysis and reporting: Through developing customized query-based databases, Workday Data can provide detailed reports and data analysis. Query-based reporting provides access to information as per the users specific requirements.
  • You may have data that needs a consistent format in order to be usable. We can standardize those fields. Your information might be poorly organized and difficult to access. We can re-organize the data to your specifications. If your files have known or suspected issues, we can build a validation process to check it. Put this cleaned information into a custom query-based database and now your data will really start to shine.


Protect and Defend Your Email Campaign

Workday Data Cloud Hygiene Platform offers the industry-leading, bundled approach of verification and hygiene to safeguard your brand reputation and email resources. While it is important to validate if an email is deliverable through verification, it is equally important to recognize dangerous threats are deliverable and can be identified with email hygiene.


Mitigate deliverable threats!

  • Identify harmful emails like moles, Trackers, disposable domains, and more
  • Comprehensive protection against Reputation, fraud, delivery, and conversation threats
  • Exclusive relationship with the world’s largest honeypot purveyor.

Verify delivery

  • Identify undeliverable emails containing bounces, grey listings, and typos
  • Corrections available to reconnect with long-lost customers
  • Unique true real-time verification without using cached or stored data

Authenticate socially connected addresses

  • Target social media users through smart segmentation
  • Identify and connect users on their mobile device
  • Highlight your most valuable emails

Email verification protects your email reputation, ROI, and conversion by identifying undeliverable email addresses that bounce. Verifying email deliverability increases campaign relevancy and conversion by eliminating low quality email Addresses and instead focuses on high quality email addresses..

What Does Workday Data Verification Identify?

  • Bounces Undeliverable email addresses
  • Grey listing Temporary server rejection of your message
  • Typos Email entry misspellings
How Do I Use Email Verification?

Submit your email list via FTP, Portal, or API access and receive real-time intelligence on your list quality. Workday Data provides a list of suggested corrections and a comprehensive report segmenting your emails as:

  • Valid – This email is good to go!
  • Invalid – This email will bounce
  • Unknown – This email is a catch-all

How is Workday Data Email Verification Different?

Workday Data’s email verification increases deliverability up to 95% or higher, and is a part of Workday Data’s s all-in-one deliverability platform, Cloud Hygiene. Cloud Hygiene not only flags undeliverable emails through Verification, but it also detects deliverable email threats like spamtraps and moles through hygiene, and identifies the best emails through Social Media Authentication. Thousands of brands trust Workday Data’s data integrity because of strict procedures against customer data caching or recycling, ensuring proper data governance.

Workday Data is here to help you with all your Database Append needs.

Workday Data is your “one-stop” source for mailing lists and Email Appending. We are dedicated to providing you with quality data but also excellent service, support and the resources you need to make your next marketing campaign a success. Well-targeted telemarketing and mailing lists and sales lead available. Expand your brand’s visibility and find new customers with our Workday Data consumer mailing lists and Email Appending. Data Enhancement With more data and more choices, it’s easier than ever to learn about your customers and prospects. Workday Data is the latest data append service that provides businesses like yours with a deeper understanding of consumers’ characteristics by overlaying demographic information and USA household lifestyle segmentations on to your file any time day or night.

Workday Data Specialize in email Appending And More.

Available Customer Database Enhancements

  • Frist Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Cell Numbers
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Pets
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Household Profile
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Families
  • Buyer Propensity
  • Household Insights
  • Custom Selections
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit
  • Consumer View Basic
  • Catalog, Retail & eTail
  • Travel, Leisure & Gaming
  • Political & Government
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Presence of children
  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Home Owner Status
  • Home Value
  • Length of Residence
  • Email Addresses
  • Interests
  • Purchase Data
  • Telephone
  • And much more

Work Day Data is here to help you grow your list and Maintain all your lists.

  • Make a Killer First Impression: Use Workday Data to immediately appeal to a new lead based on his or her characteristics and interests!
  • Personalize and Target Offers: Customize subject lines, offers, images, calls to action, landing pages and more using enhanced data from Workday Data!
  • Create Context for Behavior: Understand the intent behind customer action by supplementing behavior-based data with demographic and lifestyle data using Workday Data!
  • We Help you Better Segment Your List: Identify the segments of your customer database that will be most responsive to your message using Workday Data!

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